Update Your Look with New Throw Pillows
Jun 08

Throwing in Some Personal History

I’ll admit it – I used to be a big throw pillow lover. When I first got into home design, I was constantly adding more to my cart whenever I was out shopping. Back then, I was still figuring out my style, and swapping out throw pillows was a fun way to play around with the look and feel of my home without spending tons of money.

Of course, those pillow-buying days weren’t always a design win. Like many new home decorators, I made some rookie mistakes along the way. One of my biggest blunders? Sticking with just the pillows that came with my first big girl couch purchase from JCPenney. Boy, was that a missed opportunity to really make that space my own.

The Power of Throw Pillows

Throw pillows may seem like a silly, non-essential home decor item. But let me tell you – they can totally transform the look and feel of a room. In fact, I’d argue they serve an incredibly important purpose, even if they don’t impact the core functionality of your sofa or armchair.

Think about it this way – if you’re not in love with your couch, throw pillows provide the perfect way to shift the attention away from what you can’t easily replace. Instead, guests will be drawn to your “rockin’ pillow collection” (as I like to call it). And when you do that right, it can make even the most basic of sofas look seriously stylish and pulled together.

Common Pillow Pitfalls

Of course, not all throw pillow displays are created equal. In my early days as a home decorator, I made a few common mistakes that I see others make all the time. The good news is they’re all pretty easy to fix with just a few simple tweaks.

One rookie error I made was relying solely on the pillows that came with my couch. Sure, those matching sets can be tempting, but using them exclusively means you’re missing out on the opportunity to really personalize the space. Instead, try swapping out those OEM pillows for some new, colorful options that better reflect your personal style.

Another issue I see is the use of really small pillows, like 20×20 inches or less. While these can work in certain settings, I find that bigger is usually better when it comes to throw pillows. Aim for 22×22 or even 24×24 inches to create that lush, designer-inspired look. And don’t be afraid to mix up the sizes – pairing larger square pillows with smaller lumbar options can make for a really visually interesting arrangement.

Pillow Inserts Matter (A Lot)

One of the biggest factors that separates a “basic” throw pillow from a high-end, luxurious one? The insert. That’s right – the fluffy goodness on the inside can make a huge difference in how your pillows look and feel.

In the past, I’ve made the mistake of just using the inserts that came with my pillow covers. And let me tell you, that resulted in some pretty sad, flat-looking pillows. The solution? Ditch those skimpy inserts and size up. I usually go for inserts that are 2-4 inches larger than the cover itself. This creates a nice, plump and full look that feels so much more expensive.

As for the insert material, I’m a big fan of down or down alternative. Down provides that super soft, cozy feel, while down alternative offers a similar lush look at a more budget-friendly price point. Either way, investing in quality inserts is key to elevating the overall look and feel of your throw pillows.

Mix It Up

When it comes to throw pillow styling, variety is the name of the game. Sure, color is important, but don’t neglect texture and pattern, too. Mixing up different materials, prints, and shapes is what really takes a throw pillow display from “meh” to “wow.”

For example, you might pair a velvet square pillow with a striped lumbar and a plaid accent piece. Or try combining solids, stripes, and florals for a dynamic, layered look. The key is to create visual interest by playing with different elements. And don’t be afraid to get a little creative – sometimes the most unexpected pillow pairings can end up being the most stunning.

Seasonal Swaps

One of the great things about throw pillows is their ability to easily refresh a space for different seasons and occasions. In the winter, I tend to gravitate towards cozier, more substantial fabrics like velvet and chenille. But when summer rolls around, I prefer to lighten things up with airy linens and cottons.

Being able to quickly swap out my pillow covers makes it easy to keep my living room feeling current and seasonally appropriate. And the best part? I don’t have to commit to a complete room overhaul. A few simple pillow updates are all it takes to give the whole space a fresh, new look.

Where to Shop

When it comes to finding the perfect throw pillows, I have a few go-to sources. Of course, I love to scour Etsy for unique, handmade options. The variety of fabrics, sizes, and customization possibilities is truly endless. I’ve also had great luck with retailers like Serena & Lily and arianna belle – their coastal-inspired pillow collections are always on point.

And let’s not forget the power of big box stores like Target. While the selection may not be as unique, they make it super easy to find affordable options in a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns. The key is being willing to mix and match across different price points and retailers to create that perfect, personalized look.

Getting the Look Right at https://sofaspectacular.co.uk

When it comes to updating the look of your space, throw pillows are truly the secret weapon. And the team at Sofa Spectacular knows a thing or two about making the most of these versatile décor accents.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to refresh an existing sofa or sectional, their wide selection of custom throw pillows can help you achieve that high-end, designer-inspired look. From plush velvets to breezy linens, and classic stripes to bold botanicals, there’s truly something for every style and budget.

Plus, with the ability to mix and match sizes, shapes, and insert materials, you can get that perfectly curated pillow arrangement that will have all your guests swooning. And let’s not forget the convenience of being able to easily swap things out seasonally or whenever the mood strikes.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Sofa Spectacular today and get ready to transform your living space with the power of throw pillows. Trust me, it’s a design move you won’t regret.

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