Spruce Up Your Living Room With These Bold Sofa Styles
Jun 10

Unleashing Vibrancy: A Living Room Transformation

I have to admit, we had grown pretty complacent with the decor in our living room. The juice stains on the rug and the ignored coffee spill marks on the sofa had created a space of pure “bleh.” Don’t get me wrong, we loved the colors in the living room, but we needed a change. That’s when I decided to partner with Sofa Spectacular to transform our living room into a colorful, bold retreat.

It had been a few years since we painted the living room in Ocean Abyss by Behr, and though I loved the teal color and the serenity it added, the room was becoming a little too… dare I say, serene. We needed vibrancy, liveliness, and pizazz to enter our lives. The status quo atmosphere had to go.

I hate to bring up the pandemic yet again, but there truly was a shift towards maintaining serenity during those challenging years. Nowadays, we’re breaking out of our shells and living life to the max. I wanted our home to feel ALIVE again. I wanted us to feel a renewed joy in our space.

Paint can do amazing things for the psyche, and my immediate thought was to simply paint the living room in a new color. I decided to create a more cohesive look to the first floor by continuing the paint color from the entryway and dining room. Florida Sunrise by Behr is a gorgeous shade of a soft sherbet-like orange, and I have to admit, I was a bit scared of painting this time.

A Vibrant Transformation

The back of the house has much more natural lighting compared to the front where the dining room is, so this color could read much stronger in the living room. And spoiler alert, it did. However, we love the color and how much vibrancy it has brought to the living room. It just took a day to truly get used to the drastic change.

The living room paint change quickly snowballed into a complete room transformation, and I am once again amazed that I was able to do this entire room by shopping in one place – Sofa Spectacular. Though life can be added to a room with paint, I wanted to take a few more steps and transform our living room as much as possible.

I am IN LOVE with the results, and I shared the full makeover in a Reel published to my Instagram today. Be sure to check out the video! The first step in creating a new space is to create a mood board. I quickly designed a room around the new paint color and shopped for all the new decor from the Sofa Spectacular website.

Since the walls were so vibrant, I needed a rug to balance the color story. I searched for magenta rugs in the decor section of the Sofa Spectacular website and found this amazing magenta bohemian rug, perfect for the living room. All the colors found within this rug are accent colors of many spaces in our home.

Layering Textures and Patterns

After painting the living room, I got to work updating the mantel. I had wanted a mantel makeover for a few years now, but I hadn’t found the right mantel look. I am a lover of modern lines, but done with an organic twist. This distressed mantel has beautiful sleek lines, but it feels organic with its distressing and is a beautiful way to balance the vibrant walls.

The gorgeous arched gold mirror has a bit of ornate embellishment to add character to the mantel. The size of the mirror balances the 6ft long mantel and makes the mantel area look finished. This is a great mirror for an entryway too.

A pretty floral arrangement in an amber ribbed vase, some glass candle holders (you know I love colored glass!), and some family pictures in bone inlay frames complete the mantel and desk area. The sofa swap-out and TV stand upgrade were two of the biggest furniture changes in the living room. These two main decor pieces can dramatically change your living room, and there is such a wide selection of furniture options and in various styles on the Sofa Spectacular website.

I adore the reclaimed wood TV stand, and the hints of blue and green shown through the wood add pizazz to the stand. The art wall is gone and replaced by a symmetrical gold frame picture wall. These matted gold frames are great and come in a set of four.

We definitely needed more seating, so the beige sectional with its reversible chaise was paired with two pretty spindle arm chairs. This is such an eclectic mix of furniture, and it makes the living room feel so cozy. The beige seating complements the bright walls and pairs so nicely with the driftwood coffee table.

The marble and gold side table gives us a place to put our hot teas this fall and makes the cutest reading nook. The last touches to the living room were the little green touches added with the houseplants and a green glass with a wood base lamp that I fell in love with this summer. You may have spotted it on my Instagram when I shared the Haven conference booth I designed with Sofa Spectacular. I loved this lamp so much that I had to have it in my home too!

A Joyful Sanctuary

I catch myself just staring into this room and overwhelmed with the happy feelings I get from this new space. I adore this living room and can’t wait to entertain and host movie nights with the family here.

Are you ready to tackle your living room? Don’t wait, decorate! Be sure to check out Sofa Spectacular for all your decorating and DIY needs. Remember to shop for decor to finish up any space in your home, from magenta bohemian rugs to distressed mantels, arched gold mirrors, and so much more.

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