Sophisticated Leather for Luxe Lounging
Jun 10

Elevating Everyday Comfort to New Heights

The basement of our cozy Brigham Craftsman had long been a neglected, drab corner – until now. What was once a dismal dungeon has been transformed into a luxurious, sophisticated lounge that my husband and I may never want to leave. With a masterful blend of vintage finds and contemporary furnishings, we’ve created a space that’s equal parts chic and comfortable, a true oasis for relaxation.

From Drab to Fab: The Basement Restoration

The journey began with tackling some major challenges. The beautiful wood beams were caked in peeling paint, and the walls were crumbling. After weeks of sanding and painting, the lounge finally had a solid foundation, and the transformation started to take shape. As I detailed on my blog, it was a true labor of love, but the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

One of the key elements that really pulled the space together was the custom wall color I created at the local hardware store – aptly named “Brigham Green.” It provides the perfect moody backdrop for our sophisticated decor. And while the central air was a blessing, the unsightly aluminum ducts were a bit of an eyesore. A touch of brown spray paint and some fishing line helped to blend them seamlessly into the background.

Curating the Perfect Lounge: A Blend of Modern and Vintage

In true Jessica Brigham fashion, the space features a harmonious mix of modern furnishings and top-notch vintage finds. This approach adds a rich layer of character and helps us save a few shekels for the truly investment-worthy pieces. As I mentioned on my blog, my husband Christopher has always craved a swanky Chesterfield-style sofa, and the Bree Leather Sofa from Sofa Spectacular is the luxurious dream he’s been waiting for.

This richly appointed, high-class leather sofa is not only a feast for the eyes but also gloriously comfortable. Sinking into its plush cushions, I can’t help but feel like a modern-day Gatsby. And the Bree Sofa pairs perfectly with the solid concrete Hugo Coffee Table, creating a striking visual contrast.

Cultivating Cozy Comfort with Purposeful Furnishings

To ensure the lounge functions seamlessly as both a relaxation haven and a TV viewing area, we brought in oversized swivel chairs for ultimate coziness and easy TV watching. The Nova Leather Swivel Chairs from Sofa Spectacular strike the perfect balance of style and function, with a touch of moody sophistication.

To complement the plush seating, we added the Emmeline Accent Table, its striking marble top providing a perfect perch for a nightcap. These contemporary furnishings are flanked by carefully curated vintage finds, like the tiger oak mantel and solid mahogany bar, adding layers of character and visual interest.

Elevating the Ambiance with Artful Accents

What truly takes this design to the next level are the thoughtful, artistic touches that elevate the space. Scouring the internet, I procured a few primo finds, like the vintage light-up fire logs that crackle and pop like a car fire (much to my husband’s delight). The beaded palm curtain, oversized natural fiber rug, and artwork from the set of Boardwalk Empire all contribute to the sophisticated, moody atmosphere.

To further compartmentalize the lounge area and amp up the speakeasy vibe, I added a striking black and white prohibition-era tapestry from Society6. This sensible solution not only divides the space but also makes a bold visual statement.

A Homage to Family and Craftsmanship

Perhaps my favorite part of this transformation is the subtle nod to my grandfather, Giacomo, a carpenter who passed away long before I was born. As I shared on my blog, his old workshop in my childhood home was relatively untouched, and I remember playing with the hardware he stored in baby food jars. These nostalgic storage jars have now found a new home in my DIY-inspired workspace, a small homage to the man who inspired my love of craftsmanship.

A Sophisticated Retreat for Endless Enjoyment

After seven years of contemplating the direction of this space, the Brigham Craftsman basement has been transformed into a modern-day speakeasy, a sophisticated retreat that offers so much more valuable square footage. With its perfect balance of charm, character, and cozy comfort, this swanky lounge is undoubtedly a prime spot for hosting unforgettable parties.

So if you’re looking to revive your own dingy, dirty, and damp basement, take a page out of my playbook. Have patience, dive in with gusto, and let your creativity shine. With the right mix of modern and vintage furnishings, like the luxurious Bree Leather Sofa from Sofa Spectacular, you too can create a sophisticated oasis that will have you and your guests never wanting to leave.

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