Small Bathroom Storage Hacks that Expand Usable Space
Jun 19

Small Bathroom Storage Hacks that Expand Usable Space

Has your tiny bathroom been driving you up the wall lately? I hear you, friend. As a self-proclaimed minimalist with a penchant for organization, I’ve been there. Trying to fit all our daily essentials into a cramped powder room can feel like a never-ending Tetris game. But have no fear – I’ve uncovered some brilliant small bathroom storage hacks that will have your space feeling spacious and serene in no time.

Prioritize and Purge

Before we dive into the fun stuff, let’s start with a little tough love. The key to maximizing your cabinet space is being ruthless about what really needs to be in there. Take a good hard look at what’s taking up real estate – are there any expired products, duplicate items, or cleaning supplies that could live elsewhere?

For example, I recently moved my stash of bleach and other heavy-duty cleaners to a storage cabinet in the garage. That freed up a ton of space in my under-sink cupboard for the essentials I use daily. And let me tell you, it feels so good to open that door and see nothing but order.

Once you’ve pared down to the bare necessities, it’s time to get creative with storage solutions. The name of the game is thinking vertically and utilizing every square inch.

Maximize Vertical Space

One of my favorite small bathroom storage hacks is the trusty over-the-door organizer. I snagged one of these bad boys a few years ago, and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. It hangs discreetly on the back of the door, giving me extra shelves for things like extra toilet paper, bath salts, and even my go-to hair styling tools. Apartment Therapy has a great example of this in action.

Another genius vertical storage idea? Floating shelves above the toilet. These little ledges are perfect for corralling baskets of toiletries, rolled-up towels, and even a stylish plant or two. And the best part? They take up zero floor space. Win-win!

Get Clever with Cabinets

Now, I know what you’re thinking – my bathroom cabinets are already jam-packed. But hear me out on this one. With a few strategic add-ons, you can seriously maximize that precious real estate.

One of my favorite tricks is using adhesive hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors. Apartment Therapy suggests hanging hair tools like brushes and blow dryers this way, keeping them organized and out of the way. You can also use the doors to mount a magnetic strip for corralling small items like bobby pins and tweezers.

And don’t forget about that often-neglected space under the sink! Seiffert Lumber recommends installing a tiered organizer or caddy to stack cleaning supplies and extra toiletries. Genius!

Shower Storage Solutions

When it comes to small bathroom storage, the shower is another often-overlooked area. But trust me, there’s a lot of untapped potential there.

One of my personal favorites is the trusty shower caddy. I recently upgraded to one with multiple shelves and hooks, and it’s been a total game-changer. Now I can neatly corral my shampoo, conditioner, and loofah, freeing up precious counter space. Apartment Therapy has a great example of a stylish, functional shower caddy.

And don’t sleep on tension rods, my friends. By stringing one across the shower, you can create an instant spot to hang baskets, loofahs, and even wet towels to dry. It’s a simple solution that packs a serious punch.

Double-Duty Decor

Last but not least, let’s talk about bringing in some double-duty decor pieces to maximize your small bathroom storage. Because who says function can’t also be fashionable?

One of my favorite tricks is repurposing a bar cart or rolling utility cart as extra storage. Just swap out the cocktail shakers for your favorite lotions and potions, and voila – instant bathroom organization. When you’re done, just roll it out of sight until you need it again.

Apartment Therapy also suggests using a hanging shoe organizer on the back of the bathroom door. It’s a brilliant way to stash small items like cotton balls, hair accessories, and even extra toothpaste.

And speaking of doors, have you ever considered a mirrored medicine cabinet? Not only do they provide ample storage space, but the reflective surface can also make a small bathroom feel instantly more spacious. It’s a win-win in my book.

Get Inspired and Get Organized

Alright, fellow bathroom organizers – are you feeling pumped and ready to tackle your tiny space? I sure hope so! Remember, with a little creativity and a whole lot of vertical thinking, you can transform even the most cramped powder room into a serene, clutter-free oasis.

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