Express Your Style: Use Accent Pillows To Show Off Your Custom Sofa
Jun 08

Pillow Perfection: Elevating Your Sofa’s Style

As a self-proclaimed pillow aficionado, I’ve been through my fair share of design mistakes when it comes to decorating my home. But let me tell you, those early missteps have only made me a stronger, wiser decorator – and I’m here to share my hard-earned lessons with you.

When I first started outfitting my living room, I was obsessed with throw pillows. I’d constantly scoop up new ones, swapping them out whenever the mood struck. Little did I know, those purchases were far from essential – in fact, they could actually detract from the overall look and feel of my space.

The Power of Pillow Placement

Throw pillows may seem like a minor design detail, but trust me, they have the power to transform a room. The key is knowing how to arrange them in a way that enhances your custom sofa, rather than overpowering it.

One of my earliest blunders was simply using the matching pillows that came with my first big couch purchase. Sure, they were nice and coordinate, but they didn’t exactly scream “personality.” It wasn’t until I started mixing in some colorful, patterned pillows that the space really came alive.

As I learned the hard way, those generic, couch-affiliated pillows are best repurposed elsewhere in your home. Invest in a few statement-making accent pillows to really make your custom sofa the star of the show.

Pillow Perfection: Size Matters

But the sizing and fluffiness of those accent pillows is just as important as the patterns and colors. I used to make the mistake of solely relying on the same size inserts that came with my couch pillows. Big mistake! Those flat, saggy cushions just wouldn’t do.

Instead, I found that going a few inches larger with the pillow inserts made all the difference. Now, my accent pillows look plump, luxurious, and – most importantly – intentional. A quick tip: aim for inserts that are 2-4 inches larger than the pillow cover for that perfect, fluffy finish.

Texture, Tone, and Tempo

Of course, size and fluffiness aren’t the only factors to consider when styling your sofa. Mixing up the textures and tones of your accent pillows is key to creating a dynamic, visually interesting arrangement.

I love playing with a range of materials, from rich velvets to cozy knits to shimmering metallics. And don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, either. Stripes, plaids, and geometric prints can all work beautifully when balanced with pops of solid color.

The key is to create a sense of rhythm and contrast. A sofa lined with all the same solid pillows, no matter how stylish, can start to feel a bit… monotonous. But sprinkle in some lumbar pillows, round cushions, and rectangular accents, and suddenly you’ve got a symphony of style.

Sectional Savvy: Styling Larger Sofas

Now, if your living room setup features a sprawling sectional rather than a traditional couch, the pillow placement game gets taken up a notch. But fear not – with a little strategic styling, you can make even the largest L-shaped sofa look magazine-worthy.

The key is to approach each “zone” of the sectional as its own individual seating area. Balance out the colors and textures across the entire piece, making sure no one side is overwhelmed. And don’t be afraid to get creative with scale – mix in some oversized statement pillows alongside your more standard square and lumbar options.

Of course, function should always take precedence over form, especially if your sectional is the main hub of your living room. So while you want your pillow arrangement to look polished, make sure it’s still comfortable and practical for daily use.

Custom Sofa, Custom Style

At the end of the day, your custom sofa should be a reflection of your unique personal style. And that’s where accent pillows truly shine. Whether you prefer a clean, minimalist look or something more eclectic and bold, the right pillow pairing can take your custom couch to new stylistic heights.

So don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match, and have a little fun. After all, Sofas Spectacular is all about helping you create a living room that’s tailored to your tastes. With the perfect accent pillows, your custom sofa is primed to be the star of the show.

Pillow Power: Elevating Your Living Room

Still not convinced of the pillow’s power? Just take a look at some of my favorite sofa styling moments from the design pros. In each case, the strategic placement of throw pillows takes the living space to new heights of style and sophistication.

Emily Henderson’s LA Living Room

When Emily Henderson was experimenting with a new rug and sofa combo in her LA home, the pillow arrangement was the key to tying the whole look together. By balancing the large-scale patterns with pops of solid color, she created a visually interesting, cohesive vibe.

Velinda’s Feel Good Flash Makeover

In another iteration of Emily’s living room, Velinda took a “more is more” approach to the pillow styling. But by sticking to a simple three-color palette and varying the textures, she avoided overwhelming the space.

Brady’s Eclectic Neutral Oasis

Over in Brady’s living room, the pillow game was all about elevating the room’s cool, eclectic vibe. The mix of knits, leathers, and woven textures brought depth and interest to the neutral color scheme.

Sara’s Heartfelt Mother’s Day Makeover

In this ultra-personal living room reveal, Sara designed the space as a sweet Mother’s Day gift for her mom. The pillow selection pulled from the room’s vibrant color palette, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Pillow Perfection, No Matter Your Sofa

Of course, the pillow placement principles remain the same, no matter the style or size of your custom couch. Whether you’ve got a sleek, tight-back stunner or a sprawling, sectional behemoth, the right accent pillows can work wonders.

Just take a look at how Bowser made her cool, edgy sofa shine with a strategic mix of textures and patterns. Or how Emily’s classic English Tudor living room got a modern refresh thanks to the pillow styling.

And for those giant sectional setups, the design gurus have got you covered. Arlyn’s sprawling sectional proved that even the biggest sofas can benefit from a thoughtful pillow arrangement. The key is balancing the scale, spreading the colors evenly, and incorporating a range of textures.

Pillow Picks for Every Style

Still not sure where to start with your custom sofa’s pillow game? No problem! I’ve curated a few of my favorite pillow and throw combos to get your creative juices flowing:

Pillow Combo Description
1 Ticking Pillows, Dijon Cotton Pom Throw, Oversized Ivory Angled Stripe Lumbar Pillow, District Loom Vintage Pillow Cover No. 70, Harlee Ivory Round Pillow, Oversized Cotton Textured Striped Throw Pillow with Fringe
2 Clique White Pillow, Chunky Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket, Hearth & Hand Persimmon Mohair Pillows, Recycled Cotton Blend Pillow with Tassels, Pico 18 Black Round Pom Pom Pillow, Ray Pillow
3 Gigi Pillow, Boucle Faux Mohair Throw Blanket, Taupe Diamond Cotton Chenille Lumbar Pillow, Woven Washed Windowpane Pillow, Square Woven Cotton Pillow with Fringe
4 20×20 Bradford Two-Tone Tassel Pillow, Pico 18 Black Round Pom Pom Pillow, Ticking Pillows, Oversized Ivory Angled Stripe Lumbar Pillow, Buffalo Check Plaid Design Cotton Down Filled Throw Pillow, Modern Threads Acrylic Knit Throw
5 Park Designs In The Meadow Plaid Throw, Daios Pillows, Leilani French Knot Design Throw Pillow Natural, Square Woven Cotton Pillow with Fringe, Round Throw Pillow Natural, Vintage Hemp Pillows

No matter your design style, these pillow-and-throw pairings are sure to elevate your custom sofa and create a living room that’s equal parts chic and cozy. So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting, and get ready to show off your sofa in style!

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