Corner Sofa Heaven – Our Latest Must-Have Designs
Jun 08

Corner Sofa Heaven – Our Latest Must-Have Designs

The Quest for the Perfect Couch

Ahh, the age-old dilemma – finding the sofa of your dreams. It’s like trying to hit a home run while blindfolded. There’s just so much information you need to make a successful sofa purchase, and trying to do it all from behind a computer screen is like attempting to catch a butterfly with chopsticks.

What you really need to know is: how soft is the fabric? Is the cushion just right, or will it leave your back feeling like it’s been through the wringer? And let’s not forget the all-important question – can you crash on this bad boy and sleep through the night without waking up feeling like a discarded rag doll? Well, my friends, that’s where we come in.

We’ve been on a sofa-hunting odyssey, scouring all the best stores and plopping down on every couch under the sun. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to share our findings with you. So, buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a journey through the wonderful world of custom sofas.

IKEA: The Affordable Enigma

Let’s start with the Swedish furniture powerhouse that has everyone scratching their heads – IKEA. You know, the place where you either walk out with the deal of a lifetime or end up with a flat-pack monstrosity that’s destined for the scrap heap in just a couple of years.

One sofa that caught our eye was this rich blue velvet number. She’s a stunner, no doubt about it, and at a price that makes you wonder if you’re dreaming. But when we plopped down on this gal, we had a bit of a debate.

As you can see from the photos, you might find yourself a little unsure of how to sit on this couch. Do you perch primly on the edge, feeling like you’re about to slide off at any moment, or do you just go for it and lounge like a cat in a sunbeam? We decided it’s a great couch for the loungey folks or the “criss-cross applesauce” sitters, but taller folks might find it a bit on the shallow side.

Now, I’ll admit, I put this couch through the ultimate test – the “crash and burn” maneuver. And let me tell you, it passed with flying colors. The back is loaded with pillows that make it super easy to turn this baby into a makeshift bed. And at 5’7″, I had no trouble sprawling out to my heart’s content without fear of rolling off the edge. The soft velvet and just-right firmness of the cushions made it the perfect crash pad for a guest.

Price-wise, it’s a bit more than you’d expect from IKEA, but when you consider how much it looks like it costs, we’d say it’s a fair deal. Overall, a solid 8/10 in our books.

Mixing Mid-Century and Leather

Next up, we’ve got a sofa that’s giving off some serious mid-century vibes, but with a luxurious leather twist. Now, this one’s got great back support and a firmness that’s just right – not too soft, not too hard. Ajai’s 6’4″ husband would probably love this one, as the depth is right on the money for taller folks.

The only thing we were a little unsure about were the leg “sleeves” – it’s almost like the sofa legs were feeling a bit chilly and needed an extra layer of protection. But aside from that, it’s not a bad option, maybe a 7/10. If you’re looking for something with a similar style but better quality, you might want to check out the Article sofa – we’re all a bit obsessed with their leather.

The Iconic IKEA Sofa

Ah, the IKEA sofa that’s become a household name – the Morabo. This baby has been making waves for years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s super affordable, modular, and comes in a ton of different fabrics and colors, so you can really make it your own.

Ajai loves this sofa and has used it for multiple clients, and we can see why. The depth is spot-on for that perfect “plop-and-watch-a-movie” experience. The only thing some of us thought could be improved is the firmness level – it’s a bit on the medium side, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re a fan of a medium-firm cushion and an unbeatable price tag, this one’s a winner in our book, solid 9/10.

Adjustable Depth? Yes, Please!

Alright, let’s talk about this new IKEA sofa that really blew us away. Remember that first blue velvet sofa we tried? Well, this one takes the concept of depth and gives it a whole new twist.

The back cushions are modular, so you can move them down and double-stack them or stack them on top of each other, adjusting the depth and seating position as needed. Genius, right? Now, tall friends and short friends can enjoy a cozy movie night together without anyone feeling like they’re about to slide off the edge.

The comfort level on this sofa was a solid 10/10 – not too hard, with a nice cozy-squishy vibe. The only potential downside we noticed was the fabric, which looked a bit prone to trapping dirt particles. But other than that, this is a great design that’s sure to have wide-ranging appeal.

The Sleeper Sofa Showdown

Alright, we had to include at least one sleeper sofa in this roundup, and you know what? There’s no better option than the one that had all of my college friends drooling. This IKEA stunner is so well-designed, with a chaise that lifts up to reveal a storage compartment, and the main part of the sofa converting into a full-sized bed. Talk about small-space living goals!

The only major con we found? It’s rock-hard. I’d equate it to sitting on a boulder, but for the price and the sheer genius of the design, it might just be worth it. Just be prepared to wake up feeling like you’ve been through boot camp.

West Elm: The Cozy Chic Choice

Now, let’s talk about a sofa that’s practically unoffendable – the Harmony modular sofa from West Elm. This classic shape is so comfortable, you’d have to be a monster to hate it. It’s that perfect balance of soft yet structured, so it won’t wear out too quickly.

Ajai’s got a sofa that looks pretty much identical to this one, and she’s a big fan. West Elm nails that “corporate 30-year-old who lives in Brooklyn and loves MCM” vibe, and this sofa is the epitome of that. It’s versatile enough to fit in a small apartment, but it could also hold its own in a larger space. And let’s not forget those customizable legs – a fun little touch that lets you put your own spin on it.

Now, it is a bit on the firmer side, so if you’re looking for a total sink-in experience, this might not be your jam. But for a cocktail-sipping, conversation-making kind of vibe, it’s a winner in our books, solid 6/10.

The Apartment-Sized Stunner

Alright, let’s talk about a sofa that’s perfect for those of us who can only have one couch in our lives – the CB2 Loung II. This bad boy is the perfect in-between, comfy enough to lounge on but not so deep that your guests feel like they’re about to disappear into the abyss.

It’s super classic, which means you won’t have to worry about it going out of style anytime soon. And let me tell you, it’s got the comfort factor down pat. We all agreed this is a sure-fire buy, a solid 9/10 in our books.

CB2: Where Trendy Meets Comfort

Okay, let’s take a closer look at some of the stunning options from CB2. These guys have been really upping their game when it comes to unique, interesting designs that also happen to be super comfy.

First up, we’ve got this beautiful velvet number that’s giving us some serious “eclectic English Grandma” vibes, but in the coolest, most modern way possible. The back has these gorgeous lines, and it’s oh-so-comfortable. Plus, velvet is about the easiest fabric to clean and maintain, so you can live your best life without constantly stressing about spills and pet hair.

Then there’s this stunner, which Jess found and absolutely loved. It’s on the firmer side, but the shape and back support make it the perfect sofa for sitting and chatting the night away. And that cool chrome detail on the side? Swoon.

Honestly, we were impressed with all the CB2 sofas we tried. They’ve managed to strike that perfect balance between trendy statement piece and total comfort. If you’re in the market for a sofa that’s going to be the center of attention, these are definitely worth a look.

Interior Define: Comfort is King

Alright, let’s talk about a company that’s really got the whole “comfort” thing dialed in – Interior Define. These guys know their sofas, and they’ve got three different cushion fill options to choose from: double-down (the softest), medium-soft, and standard down blend (the firmest).

Jess, Ajai, and I all agreed that the double-down was the way to go. It’s like sinking into a cloud, but in the best possible way. The only downside is that it does need a bit more fluffing to maintain that plush perfection.

The Jasper sectional that we tried out was the perfect balance of comfort and conversation-friendly. It’s got just the right amount of give in the cushions, so you can lounge to your heart’s content without feeling like you’re about to get stuck. And the best part? You can customize the depth, so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – a single-seat cushion vs. multiple cushions, which is better? Honestly, it’s a bit of a personal preference. The single cushion means fewer opportunities to lose things, but more potential for wear in the fill. Jess was a big fan of the single cushion, but I personally thought the Jasper was just a tad too deep for my liking.

The beauty of Interior Define is that you can customize pretty much everything, from the fabric to the length to the firmness. So, whether you’re Team Single Cushion or Team Multiple Cushions, they’ve got you covered. And with a current 15% off sale, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a truly custom sofa experience.

Sleeper Sofas, Upgraded

Alright, let’s talk about sleeper sofas again, but this time, let’s step it up a notch. Interior Define’s take on the sleeper sofa is like the grown-up version of that IKEA model we mentioned earlier. It’s got the same brilliant design, where the chaise lifts up to reveal storage, and the main portion converts into a full-sized bed. But the mattress? Way more comfortable.

The standard down cushions on this baby take a bit of time to break in, but once they do, it’s pure heaven. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about your guests feeling like they’re sleeping on a slab of concrete. Plus, it’s got a super sleek, modern look that won’t have your living room feeling like a college dorm.

Crate & Barrel: Leanne Ford’s Cozy Chic

No sofa roundup would be complete without a visit to Crate & Barrel, and who better to check out than the one and only Leanne Ford? This gal’s got a knack for creating spaces that are equal parts cozy and chic, and her Sloan Sleeper Sofa is no exception.

Now, this one was a bit on the firmer side for our liking, but it’s got that perfect depth and shape for casual conversation. And can we just take a moment to appreciate those gorgeous legs? Swoon.

The Sloan Sleeper also transforms into a full-sized bed, so it’s got that multi-functional thing going on. And let’s be real, anything named after the coolest girlfriend in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is already a winner in our books.

The Sectional of Our Dreams

Alright, let’s talk about something a little bigger – the sectional of our dreams. Crate & Barrel’s got this beaut called the Harmony, and it’s basically the movie-watching sofa of our wildest fantasies.

This thing is large and in charge, with enough room for the whole crew to snuggle up. The fabric has a subtle gold shimmer that gives it a really luxurious look without going overboard. And the comfort? Off the charts, 10/10 for sure.

Now, this isn’t your average sectional – it comes in a bunch of different sizes, from extra-long 4-piece to a massive 7-piece. So whether you’ve got a cozy little nook or a sprawling living room, there’s a Harmony out there with your name on it.

A Leanne Ford Original

We couldn’t leave Crate & Barrel without checking out one more Leanne Ford original – the Jasper Sofa, named after her daughter. This bad boy looks like it was designed for maximum plopping and relaxation.

The single-cushion design is a nice touch, and the texture of the fabric feels super high-quality. It was just a tad firmer than we were hoping for, but we think it would wear beautifully over time. And those gorgeous legs? Swoon.

Pottery Barn: Where Comfort Meets Classics

Alright, time to head over to Pottery Barn, where comfort and classic design go hand-in-hand. First up, we’ve got the Buchanan Roll Arm Sofa – a best-seller that’s as comfy as it is stylish.

This bad boy has that classic Pottery Barn vibe, but with a level of comfort that had Ajai’s sweet pup, Jack, giving it a big ol’ paw of approval. And the best part? You can customize it to your heart’s content, from the arm style to the fabric.

Then there’s the Buchanan Square Arm Sofa – same great comfort and customization options, just with a slightly more modern edge. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with either one of these Pottery Barn stunners.

The Slipcover Sensation

Now, let’s talk slipcovers. Pottery Barn’s got this Buchanan Roll Arm Sofa with a removable slipcover, and let me tell you, it’s a total game-changer. Spills, pet hair, and the general wear and tear of life? No problem. Just throw that sucker in the wash and voila – good as new.

We’re big fans of the slipcover life around here, and this Buchanan version is the perfect blend of classic and casual. Plus, with all the different configuration and fabric options, you can really make it your own.

Phew, that was a lot of sofa talk, but hey, we promised you an in-depth review, and that’s exactly what you got. From IKEA to Crate & Barrel, West Elm to Interior Define, we’ve covered all the bases. Now, it’s up to you to decide which of these custom sofa beauties is destined to become the centerpiece of your living room.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start plopping – your perfect sofa is out there, just waiting to be discovered. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new furry friend to share it with, just like Ajai and her pup Jack. Happy hunting, my friends!

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